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Welcome to Uganda Networks

We have produced a short video for new members.  Please watch this video and follow the steps below to make sure you get the most out of your membership. 


Complete the information held on your organisation

  • login to Uganda Networks (you will have already received an email with your login details)
  • Find your organisation using the Whowhatwhere tab
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'Edit details for this organisation'
  • Using the tabs across the top of the pop out window, check your organisation's details are correct
  • Under the details tab you can upload an image of your organisation's logo.  Please note the following: Your logo will be reviewed by a web site administrator before it becomes publicly available. Your logo should be in GIF or JPEG format, and at a recommended size of no more than 100 pixels. Any logo larger than this but less than 1MB will be automatically resized.
  • On the classification tab select 'edit this organisation's directory memberships' at the bottom and then tick all the fields of activity your organisation is involved in.    

Add your partner projects 

You may have projects you support in different locations in Uganda and we want to show all those on our interactive map. You will receive  a link to a Google form from Uganda Networks by email, which is pre-filled for your organisation.  Use this as many times as you like to provide details of your partner projects. Alternatively you can click here for the general form and fill in all the details yourself.  

Remember to set up any new projects on our site, as soon as you start supporting them, else they won't be found on our interactive map. 

Set up your opportunities

As a member of Uganda Networks you can set up any amount of volunteer vacancies, events, visits to Uganda, training opportunities or craft items for sale.  Just click here to fill in the details and we will post it.  Remember you can do this whenever you have an new opportunity to post.

The Member of Uganda Networks logo

MembershiplogodiamondaAdd this logo to your website, your emails or to any documentation you produce. The logo is available in different formats and sizes, together with guidelines for use. So log in to access them here


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Who else needs to know this?

You can set up log ins for up to 10 members of your organisation.  The more people who can access the site and set up opportunities or change details of projects, the more accurate the data will be. Click here for instructions on how to set up new members.     
Send the new members this link for an overview of the website. http://www.ugandanetworks.org/Articles/463015/Introducing_Uganda_Networks.aspx 

Don't forget we are here to guide  you through  these actions, or to answer any queries.  Just contact us      

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