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Books about Uganda

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The story of Evelyn Amony who was abducted, aged 11 by the Lord's Resistance Army and remained with them until she escaped in 2005.
Luganda dictionary and grammar: Luganda-English and English-Luganda dictionary with notes on Luganda grammar
Jenny Ottewell's account of her 27 years working in the Education Department of the church of Uganda from 1975 - 2001
A short novel set in African country that resembles Uganda under Idi Amin. Daniel Lanebi, a young parish priest, speaks out against the harsh military regime running the country. He is soon faced with the prospect of summary execution.
A short novel, published as a paperback, that traces the experiences of a young Ugandan, fresh from his village, in the city, where he encounters the worst aspects of the 'good life'. He becomes entangled with corruption and contemplates suicide...
An introduction to the many varied areas of Uganda - this book offers the reader a virtual tour of this beautiful and interesting country, with insights into daily life, culture and history; illustrated with script by Jenny Ottewell

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