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Registering as a CBO
we are a UK-based charity that works through a local committee in Uganda. We'd like to register as a CBO in Uganda but have no idea how to go about this, the process, cost etc. Can anyone provide any advice on this?
Janet Hayes Rafiki Thabo 01/03/2017 14:11

Ian Sanderson 01/03/2017 16:44
Your local committee can register as a Ugandan CBO. If you need help with this then email me at iansand12@gmail.com and I will elaborate a bit further on how you might get that help in Uganda. To register as a fully fledged NGO would cost about £500. to register as a CBO is only the first step towards registering as an NGO so will cost less but one still needs to do the basic work of establishing a CBO constitution, having a committee elected, having a purpose and strategy and opening a bank account etc.
As a UK organisation you could only register as an international NGO which is a more serious step to take and may not be necessary.

Janet Hayes Rafiki Thabo 01/03/2017 18:47
Thanks so much Ian - I'll email you directly to take the conversation forward.
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