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Shipping to Uganda
Child of Hope's former method of getting donated items to Uganda has dried up. Does anyone have a successful method, perhaps container-sharing, that we could partner with?
We send to Mbale, eastern Uganda, but Entebbe or Jinja (pretty much anywhere) would be considered. The load is typically made up of donated school books and clothing.
Phil Dowding 12/09/2016 15:01

Sally Robertson Admin 05/10/2016 12:25
Christian Relief Uganda is also looking for space for just 2 electric wheel chairs in a container. Contact her on rhona_cru@talktalk.net if you can help.
Ian Sanderson 10/01/2017 20:46
If people keep registering their interest here then at some point we can all talk about how to share a container. we need 32 cubic meters to fill a 20 foot container. Afrinspire could place a few cubic meters in a container to Uganda.
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