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Day for Uganda 2018 

Date: 7 April 2018

Our thanks goes to all of those who attended and spoke at ‘A Day for Uganda’ on Saturday 7th April. In particular we are grateful to the H.E. Julius Peter Moto, the Ugandan High Commissioner to London, who spoke of his appreciation for the work that the various organisation are doing in Uganda, and our two guests speakers –  Ruth Alexander and Benon Herbert Oluka.  Ruth, a BBC journalist talked on the refugee situation in Uganda that was highlighted in her Radio 4 (link) and Benon spoke about the current political situation in Uganda.

Members also had the opportunity of giving a short presentation on their work. Those who spoke were Jean Johnson from Scientists in Uganda, Mary Treacher, Caroline Lamb from CRESS and Initiative for Sustainable Living (links to some of these presentations can be found by clicking on their names). 

And finally, we are grateful to the support of Okusinza mu Luganda –the Ugandan congregation that worship at St Johns Waterloo for hosting us and providing refreshments.

Amanda Rymel, 25/04/2018

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