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General Data Protection Regulation Compliance (infographic)

Source:  Smartsurvey

Date: June 2017

Description: SmartSurvey has created a new infographic designed to inform organisations about preparing for GDPR and the issues that they need to consider when collecting data from citizens who reside in Europe.

Data collection has become a vital addition to any B2B and B2C marketing toolkit and the GDPR will require all organisations to make changes in the way they manage personal data.

The infographic features information on the importance of planning for the GDPR as well as a link to a specially designed Compliance Checker for people to assess the impact on their business.

Information includes:

  • When the GDPR comes into force
  • Why the GDPR was drafted
  • The penalties for breaches of data protection.
  • A compliance checker to assess the planning journey

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