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Kampala Climate Change Action

Source:  Kampala Capital City Authority

Date: 2016

Description: Climate change poses a serious threat to humanity and the environment and the impacts of the global challenge are here with us. The country is experiencing longer droughts and erratic rains. This is threating lives of millions of Ugandans. Equally threatened are our cities and municipalities which are attracting large numbers of immigrants and expanding rapidly. As our cities and municipalities, grow they will consume massive amounts of resources such as energy, food, fuel, materials etc. At the same time they will be significant sources of emissions.

As climate change continues to impact the country side, the cities and municipalities will be strained for resources. The rapid expansion of cities is also threatening our environment through Our cities are therefore part of the problem and also part of the solution. Indeed Kampala city has a key role to play by taking a lead in planning, guiding and managing emissions reduction. Kampala should lead in sustainable and innovative solutions for adaptation and enhanced resilience that can be replicated in other municipalities. 

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