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General Data Protection Regulations: The essentials for fundraising organisations

Source:  Institute of Fundraising

Date: May 2017

Description: On 25 May 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect in the UK. This will replace the current Data Protection Act and introduce new and different requirements for all sectors and organisations. Charities, alongside any private sector
organisations, businesses, or public bodies, will have to follow these legal requirements when processing individuals’ personal data. So, what’s going to be different about the new rules that are coming in? What are the key changes you need to be aware of? How will it impact on how and when you can contact your supporters? Should you go ‘opt in’ or can you rely on ‘opt out’ mechanisms? And what are the practical things that you can be doing right now to get ready? We have put together this short guide to answer those really key questions. We know that all
fundraisers and charities want to get this right and want to be sure that they’re meeting their legal requirements as well as giving their donors
a great experience of supporting that cause – keeping them up to date with the work of the charity and giving them opportunities to support or be involved in the future.

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