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Risk Managment Toolkit for volunteers

Source:  the Institute for Volunteering research and Volunteering England

Description: This guide is about risk management. Risk management in relation to volunteers. When we researched organisations that involve volunteers, a third said they found the language and terminology of risk management baffling and 98 per cent were interested in a good practice guide. While around four-fifths practise risk management in some form, many are not sure whether they are doing the right things. This publication responds to those findings by explaining the risks associated with volunteers and proposing how to deal with them. It is a resource for any organisation that involves volunteers – whether in the voluntary, statutory or private sector – and aims to simplify risk management for organisations just getting to grips with risk.
It offers:

  • information: the main risks, legal liabilities, insurance
  • advice and guidance: setting up and implementing systems
  •  methods and templates: techniques, tools and forms
  • case studies: examples of organisations’ good practice
  • further sources: places to find out more

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