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Digital Giving: A 12 step response to the Charity Commission's 'Making Digital Work' 

Source:  Flagship Consulting (Authors Diana Soltmann and Kevin Mullaney)

Date: 2016

Description: We are living in an increasingly digital world. Millions of British people spend hours every day immersed in the internet, and digital devices are becoming a deeply integrated part of everyday life. Digital presents a number of advantages for charities, including:

  • Far more cost-effective (or free) marketing and fundraising than can be achieved offline.
  • Enhanced ability to reach donors and beneficiaries.
  • Unprecedented access to useful information.

Digital also provides a way for charities to reach people without ‘hounding’ or harassing them – something that several high profile charities have received criticism for recently.

Despite this, however, many charities remain resolutely ‘analogue’, preferring traditional methods of audience interaction over digital engagement. While there is a lot to be said for analogue outreach (and digital need not by any means replace or side-line traditional methods), as consumers become accustomed to doing things digitally, charities are in danger of missing out. To address this issue, the Charity Commission has released new recommendations regarding digital for charities. Implementing these recommendations may seem like a big step into the dark for charities that currently have little to no digital capability, however aligning with the new digital world is reasonably simple. This report outlines some steps which may help.


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