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Source:  Uganda National NGO Forum

Date: Current 

Description: The Uganda National NGO Forum (UNNGOF) is an independent and inclusive national platform for NGOs in Uganda. Its primary constituency and owners are NGOs in their diversity and configurations. UNNGOF is however open to other interest groups within a broadly defined civil society.

UNNGOF’s operational scope is at national level, with focus on issues and processes that concern NGOs across the board. We recognise the independent existence of national thematic NGO networks and district networks and for a, as important NGO coordinating mechanism with complementary comparative advantages.


A coherent, respected, well-informed NGO sector in Uganda; actively contributing to citizens’ wellbeing and safeguarding their rights.


To provide a sharing and reflection platform for NGOs to influence governance and development processes in Uganda, and enhance their operating environment.


  • An informed NGO sector that possesses necessary information and capacity to effectively engage in and contribute to development processes
  • A networked NGO  sector with strong internal and external linkages to other actors
  • An engaged and accountable NGO sector that engenders respect from government and citizens, for the difference it makes to society

Core Values

Uganda National NGO Forum’s identity and position within civil society, is defined by the following set of values:

  • Social justice and equity – we will work with other NGOs to promote equality, dignity and a more just society, especially with regard to the poor and marginalised.
  • Gender and diversity – we recognise the need for our work to reflect and promote respect for gender and diversity issues
  • Autonomy – we must ensure that we strive for and safeguard the rights for NGOs to existence and independence at all times.
  • Accountability – we hold ourselves accountable to the highest level of ethical behaviour and responsibility for our actions, while maintaining integrity in our performance.
  • Collective action and solidarity – we strive for joint action and cooperation whenever justified by our mission, and stand with and by other NGOs and CSOs when they are faced with challenges in their work.
  • Unity in diversity – we believe in and celebrate diversity in the NGO sector but will strive to achieve unity amongst NGOs and with other like-minded actors
  • Self -sufficiency – as NGOs we strive and work towards sustainable development outcomes

Working principles

As UNNGOF team members, we honour the following working principles:

  • Respect for all, appreciation of one’s limitations and mutual support
  • Service orientation
  • Innovation and continuous learning
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Time consciousness


Membership is open to all registered civil society organisations without discrimination on grounds of race, gender, region or religion. A subscription fee is charged for membership, which differs according to type of organisation

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