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Dealing with Cultural Differences: Contrasting the African and European Worldviews

Source: Orville Boyd Jenkins (via Strategyleader.org)

Date: 1991/2007

The material in this book is a summary drawn from several years of study and experience in East Africa. I hope it will help people from a European cultural background to learn about Africa. It may help those living in Africa or planning to live in Africa to adapt to that cultural background more easily.
Some of the material has been used in culture-study sessions in Kenya for missionaries planning to work in East Africa with various church groups. The material has also been used in other public presentations on the contrast between African and European ("Western") culture.
The focus of the book is on East Africa, and particularly Kenya, where the author lived and worked for ab out 25 years. Extensive contact in many African countries and several African cultures and languages provide a comparative reference base for this topic. Most of the observations and comparisons with European culture will apply to Africa as a whole. At least it should give a basis for critical comparison. The broad outline of worldview contrasts will apply to most Asian and indigenous American cultures.

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