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Membership FAQs

How do I know whether my Ugandan partner is already a member ? 

Go to www.ugananetworks.org/whowhathwhere and search for their name under 'who'.  If their record is not found they are not already a member.  (If there is any uncertainty about the spelling of their name you could also search from them by Ugandan District, on the same page).

How much does it cost for an organisation based outside Uganda to become a member?

The cost for organisations based outside Uganda changes depending on the organisation's income

Uk fees table 
How do I list my details ?

Click here to fill in an Uganda Networks Membership application form

How do I list my partners' details ?

If your partner is an ongoing organisation based in Uganda, fill in their details here
If your partner is a project which is likely to end soon, or which fulfills a very specific aim, fill in their details here

How much does it cost for a Ugandan organisation to become a member ?

Because of the fluctuating rate  of the Ugandan shilling we have produced a fees table in sterling.  However this has been adapted to reflect the cost of living in Uganda.

Ugandan fees table UGX

I'm not sure about registering yet, how can I keep in touch?

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